Nutrition and Athletic Performance

During the last two decades, the science surrounding the proper development of athletes has been undergoing explosive growth and progress. In particular, the concepts of periodization of training and the importance of recovery and nutrition have recently taken center stage. These are core elements of both the ADM and the LTAD and at Bridgedale we utilize the most up-to-date methods to ensure maximum development of our athletes.

Bridgedale Partners with Benedictine University

Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, Bridgedale has partnered with Benedictine University's graduate program in Nutrition and Wellness for a research study on the effects of nutrition on the athletic performance of our student-athletes.

During the course of the research study, BenU graduate students, all candidates for their Masters Degrees, will be "investigating the link between sports nutrition knowledge and diet, health and performance in middle school hockey players at Bridgedale Academy." This inaugural 2016-17 school year study is being performed between January and May, 2017.

The Bridgedale-Benedictine partnership benefits BenU's students, who can develop their research materials for their Master Degree theses, and benefits Bridgedale's student-athletes, who have the opportunity to learn first-hand how important proper nutrition is. Future studies, taking a longer-term approach to the impact of proper nutrition on athletic performance, are in the pre-planning stages.