Management Staff

Mike McPartlin

Headmaster eMail

Mike McPartlin, Headmaster As Headmaster, Mike is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Bridgedale Academy, including oversight of the school’s academic and athletic curricula, as well as the financial and business aspects operating the school.

Mike has been a practicing attorney for nearly thirty years, with experience in both litigation and transactional matters. For more than ten years he was General Counsel to the Illinois Police Association, concentrating his practice in administrative law and appellate work. Mike is also a hockey entrepreneur, having founded the TAC Hockey camps in the late 1980s. He has been a hockey coach for more than thirty-five years, including twenty years as a high school coach. From 2001 through 2013 Mike was with the Chicago Mission AAA Hockey Club, the top AAA youth hockey club in North America, an organization that Mike helped to found, and which he has served for the first twelve years since its founding as a coach, director, officer and legal counsel.

Mike is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Mike also completed all the course requirements for a Masters of Environmental Engineering degree from Illinois Institute of Technology. He received his JD from Loyola University of Chicago.

Christina Di Pauli

Academic Development Coordinator

Christina Di Pauli, Academic Development CoordinatorAs Academic Development Coordinator, Christina oversees Bridgedale’s academics. She works with all Bridgedale student-athletes to keep them on track academically and also in terms of preparing them for the next step in their lives, both academically and athletically. She also serves as Chair of our English Department, overseeing our English curriculum for all grade levels, a range of subjects that includes Literature, Grammar and Mechanics, Vocabulary, Composition and Spelling, and also Logic and Rhetoric.

Christina has taught at the primary, middle school and high school levels and has been teaching virtually non-stop since 1988. She is trilingual (fluent in English, German and Italian) and has her State of Illinois Elementary Certification through grade 9, as well as State of Illinois Middle Level Endorsements in Social Studies and Foreign Languages. Chris has two sons now playing NCAA Division 1 college hockey on scholarship: Theo Di Pauli at Union College in New York; and Thomas Di Pauli at the University of Notre Dame. Thomas played with USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program (“NTDP”) for two years, while Theo played for the Chicago Steel in the United States Hockey League (“USHL”). Christina was thus able to observe first-hand both the NTDP and the USHL experiences, and so she understands the challenges that high-level student-athletes face in balancing their athletics with their academics.

Christina is a graduate of Illinois State University with a BA in Economics. She also has an MA in Teaching from National-Louis University.

Kathy Stastney

Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator

Kathy Stastney, Admissions and Recruitment CoordinatorAs Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator, Kathy works closely with prospective Bridgedale student-athletes and their families to walk them through the steps involved in our admissions process. Kathy also serves as Chair of our Science Department, overseeing our Science curriculum for all grade levels, including not only the science modules for our middle school students, but also the laboratory science courses we offer our high school students.

Kathy’s teaching career began in 1994 and she has focused on the primary and middle school levels. She has also coordinated school-wide programs, including the gifted and talented program and the art program. Kathy has two sons playing for the Chicago Mission AAA Hockey Club: Spencer plays on the Mission’s 2000’s and Pierce on the Mission’s 2001’s.

Kathy is a graduate of the University of North Dakota, summa cum laude with a B.S. in Elementary Education.

Michal Pivonka

Director of Athletic Development

Michal Pivonka, Director of Athletic DevelopmentAs Director of Athletic Development, Michal oversees all aspects of the athletic training of our student-athletes, both on-ice and off-ice. He works closely with all of our athletic training staff, including 200 x 85 which designs and conducts Bridgedale’s on-ice training sessions, to ensure that proper, science-based training methods are being employed at all times. He is responsible for the regular athletic assessments we provide all our student-athletes.

Michal grew up in a “sports academy” environment in Czechoslovakia which at the time was an Eastern Bloc country behind the Iron Curtain. He courageously defected to the USA when he was only 20 years old and thereafter went on to have a stellar 12-year career in the National Hockey League as a member of the Washington Capitals. For the last ten years Michal has been active as a youth hockey coach and instructor, most recently with the Chicago Mission.

Michal had been identified at a young age as an exceptional athlete and therefore from about the age of eleven years old, he attended a special sports academy in Czechoslovakia.

Dr. Kenneth Calvert

(Advisory Capacity Only)

Headmaster of Hillsdale Academy since 2003, Ken has acquired a unique wealth of experience in school administration and operations. As advisor to Bridgedale Academy, Ken provides invaluable insights on all aspects of Bridgedale’s operations, not only academically because we use Hillsdale’s academic curriculum, but also administratively.

Ken has been Headmaster at Hillsdale Academy for the last ten years. Under his direction, Hillsdale has become one of the premier K-12 academies in the nation. And with Hillsdale’s outstanding record of success educating its students, its curriculum is now used by hundreds of schools nationwide.

Ken has a PhD in History from Miami University of Ohio. He has a Masters in Theology from Harvard University and an undergraduate degree in Sociology from Wheaton College.