I cannot thank the Bridgedale staff and coaches enough for setting the standard and groundwork for my son Tanner. He is a wonderful product of Bridgedale Academy. His success at school and hockey, and the fine young man he has become, is a true testament to Bridgedale Academy.

- Kim H., Mom of Bridgedale Grad


Wanted to thank Bridgedale for shaping Michael into such a great young man! He is doing very well in all his high school classes with A's and B's and they're moving him to Honors English. He is on the golf team and still with the Bruins. We've had several messages from his teacher saying what an amazing, respectful young man he is and how helpful he is to all, and ... I know that Bridgedale had a huge part in this! Just wanted to say thank you!! Miss you all. 

- Jaime M., Mom of Bridgedale Grad

We have the full intentions to keep Tyler at Bridgedale next year and for as many years after. Bridgedale has been my MOST favorite experience thus far. The schooling environment, ethics and overall leadership teaching that Tyler has been privileged to partake in have blown me away. 

- Karen K., Bridgedale Mom

Our experience at Bridgedale has been spectacular.

- Mike D., Bridgedale Dad

Thank you for all you do and have done for Tyler! This is the best choice we ever made and Tyler LOVES it!

- Bob H., Bridgedale Dad

Mark loved attending Bridgedale ... the academic and athletic structure at Bridgedale is hands-down the best I've encountered.

- Mark H., Dad of former Bridgedale Student-Athlete

We are very happy with Nathan's progress and can't say enough about how happy we are that we all decided on Bridgedale Academy.

- Nelson S., Bridgedale Dad

Needless to say we are over the top with Ryan's progress at Bridgedale and are kicking ourselves we didn't do it sooner.

- Jon S., Dad of Bridgedale Grad
My boys couldn't have been happier. Both the hockey and the academics are first rate. They absolutely loved it!

- Jim U., Dad of Bridgedale Grads

My son now loves getting up in the morning to go to school.

- Alexandra F., Bridgedale Mom

Just wanted to give you kudos! What a great start to the year. We have never seen Henry so happy or motivated in his life. He is so thrilled to be at Bridgedale. Thank you for making the school a reality! We feel so blessed he is getting this experience.

- Nora N., Mom of Bridgedale Grad

Nicholas is absolutely loving school this year, both in class and of course in hockey.

- Jaimie A., Bridgedale Mom

My son told me last night he couldn’t believe how much he’d improved in just one week.

- Jo K., Bridgedale Mom

I can already see the improvement in my son. He’s been able to work on so many different aspects of his game.

- John V., Bridgedale Dad

I’ve never seen my son so happy, so confident, so responsible, and so willing to get up a 5:30am! He loves his new friends, adores his teachers, and feels like Bridgedale is home. I do not have to ask him to do homework or study for a test, it’s done. And already his hockey has improved by leaps and bounds.

- Regina V., Bridgedale Dad

Our son has never been so excited to go to school, even when it means getting up at the crack of dawn.

- Jill & Mike G., Parents of Bridgedale Grad

Bridgedale has been a positive influence on Braden. He wants to go to the school as long as he can. The atmosphere promotes dedication to hockey and academics. Headmaster Mike McPartlin teaches the boys respect, he gives and receives respect. Thank you for all you do.

- Ellie L., Bridgedale Mom

Our overall experience so far has been a very good one. Nicky is enjoying the school on and off the ice and in the classroom ... adjusting well to the demanding schedule.

- Kim G., Bridgedale Mom

Something special happening at Bridgedale! We’re honored to be a part of the Bridgedale family.

- Deb S., Mom of Bridgedale Grad