Bridgedale Academy provides a classical education to its student-athletes. The classical trivium of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric are crucial to a student’s proper intellectual development and remain at the core of a classical education. Through this we seek to instill self-reliance, discipline and integrity in our student-athletes.

Our time-tested classical model focuses on providing a solid academic foundation, grounded in the classics, and true to the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian roots that form the basis for western civilization generally and for the United States of America specifically.

Sadly, this academic model has been abandoned by too many schools nationally, with predictably dire results for the nation’s education system.

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* Academically, we define ourselves as a “Hillsdale Academy Model” school. Our academic curricula are substantially identical to the academic curricula of prestigious Hillsdale Academy as outlined in their Reference Guides. We encourage you to visit Hillsdale’s website where you can learn more about this prominent K-12 school. Hillsdale’s curricula are being used by more than 300 schools nationally, including numerous charter schools.