Affording the Bridgedale Academy Experience

A key part of Bridgedale’s mission is to provide financial assistance to qualified student-athletes whose families might otherwise not be able to provide the Bridgedale experience for their children. We therefore have a need-based Tuition Assistance Program to increase the pool of qualified candidates who can attend Bridgedale.

Bridgedale utilizes FACTS Management Company to process its tuition assistance applications. Families seeking tuition assistance should register on-line and then follow the prompts and instructions for Grants & Aid. Certain documentation must be supplied to FACTS to complete this process. FACTS then analyzes the application and documentation and gives Bridgedale Academy its assessment based on certain proven methodologies it utilizes. The goal of these assessments is to help families afford the Bridgedale experience and results can vary from simply setting up a month-to-month payment plan to various percentages of tuition and fees covered. Any grants awarded would reflect the requests of the family as well as assessment of financial need. All applications to receive financial assistance are kept in the strictest confidence.

For additional questions regarding tuition assistance see our FAQs About Financial Assistance.

FAQs Regarding Tuition Assistance

What kind of Tuition Assistance is available from Bridgedale?

There are two kinds of Tuition Assistance available at Bridgedale Academy.

First, Bridgedale offers need-based tuition assistance. A key part of Bridgedale’s mission is to provide needed financial assistance to help qualified candidates attend and reap the benefits of our unique school. Our ability to provide this assistance to qualified student-athletes benefits our school by increasing the number of qualified candidates eligible to become part of the Bridgedale community. And it strengthens our programs and the overall experience by including families who might not otherwise be able to provide the Bridgedale experience to their children.

Second, Bridgedale offers quality-of-character based tuition assistance through its Bridgedale Academy Leadership Awards (BALA) program. Bridgedale is committed to developing leaders. And so prospective student-athletes with exceptional quality-of-character will be considered for the tuition assistance through the BALA program.

What payment plans does Bridgedale offer?

Bridgedale offers a number of different payment plan options.

There is also an Early Enrollment Program that includes discounts. 

Note that a $5000 non-refundable deposit is required to hold an applicant’s spot for the 2023-24 school year. Various tuition payment plans are available:

  • Plan A: Pay in Full by March 1, 2023 - Receive a 5% Discount
  • Plan B: Half Down by March 1 and Balance paid by Aug 1 - Receive a 2.5% Discount
  • Plan C: Four Installments (Mar 1, Aug 1, Oct 1 and Dec 1) - Receive 1.25% Discount
  • Monthly Plan: Pay deposit and then set up to pay monthly through FACTS and stretch payments out over time (Note: all monthly plans require a $50 fee and must be completed by February of 2024.)

Student-athletes who are admitted to Bridgedale after the start of the normal payment plan year (i.e. after March 1, 2023) and who receive tuition assistance are required to make a payment that ‘catches them up’ with any payment plan agreed to. For example, a student-athlete admitted in October of any school year will be required to make an initial payment on the tuition equal to any and all payments otherwise due by or before his admission date.

How do I apply for need-based Tuition Assistance?

To be considered for need-based Tuition Assistance grant or a monthly payment plan, families must apply on-line through FACTS Management Company’s Grants and Aids assessment program. This process can be accessed immediately upon creating your account with FACTS and application for tuition assistance should be made as soon as possible after applying for enrollment in Bridgedale Academy. (Begin application process here.)

How do I apply for a BALA Scholarship?

To be considered for tuition assistance based on receipt of a Bridgedale Academy Leadership Award, families should inform Bridgedale's Headmaster of their intention to seek the award, and then submit an application (accessed here) along with the requisite list of character references for the prospective student-athlete. The sooner this application is received, the sooner the process can be reviewed and completed by Bridgedale's Scholarship Committee.

Who should apply for Tuition Assistance?

Anyone seeking to enroll in Bridgedale who is concerned that they may not be able to truly afford the tuition should apply. Applying does not guarantee qualifying. However, for families that do qualify, Bridgedale will do everything within the parameters of the Financial Assistance Program and the budget process to meet the need.

What fees and costs are involved in the Tuition Assistance process?

The only cost involved in applying for Tuition Assistance is an administrative fee of $30. Families must reapply each year.

How are Tuition Assistance grants determined by Bridgedale?

Bridgedale awards Tuition Assistance grants to families that show financial need. FACTS Management Company conducts the financial need assessment process and presents its findings to Bridgedale. We then use a methodology designed to support our mission, and considers many factors in determining a family’s grant award, including but not limited to:

Recommendations from FACTS Grants & Aid Assessment Findings
Quality of Character of the prospective Bridgedale Student-Athlete

Bridgedale does not limit the number of students in a family that may receive a grant, nor does it have a dollar cap on the total financial assistance a family may receive. However, funding for grants is limited and based upon the verified need of each individual family.

When will I be notified of the results of my Tuition Assistance application?

Families will be advised of the status of their grant and/or payment plan request as soon as possible after the application has been reviewed and acted upon by the Bridgedale Tuition Assistance Committee.

How is Tuition Assistance paid for?

Each year a portion of the school’s budget is set aside for Tuition Assistance. Additional funding may be available through grants and donations made to the school. Bridgedale considers tuition assistance an essential element of its mission and of its commitment to all of our student-athletes.

If I receive Tuition Assistance will the faculty, staff, or other parents know?

No. Bridgedale is committed to confidentiality in its Tuition Assistance process. Tuition Assistance awards are determined by a very small committee. No one outside of that committee and the business office staff knows which families receive assistance. Every reasonable effort is made to insure the confidentiality of the process.

Will applying for tuition assistance affect my child’s chances for admission?

No. Bridgedale’s admission process is based entirely on our stated admissions criteria. The process of considering applications for financial assistance is kept entirely separate from our admission’s process.

Contact Bridgedale Headmaster Mike McPartlin for more details, (630) 796-2505.