Bridgedale Academy Leadership Award Scholarship


Bridgedale Academy Leadership Award

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The Bridgedale Academy Leadership Award (BALA) scholarship is a partial waiver of tuition made to a few qualifying applicants. Applicants generally must first demonstrate that they are top-notch in a balance of qualifications, including leadership, strength of character, discipline, moral values, academic commitment, and any such other qualities of high character that define leaders. 


Leadership and LearningSuch competitive qualities as mental and emotional toughness are also taken into consideration.


Applicants may be asked to submit names of references (e.g. teachers, coaches) who can substantiate and will attest to these qualities of character, affirming that applicant is deserving of special consideration for this prestigious award. 


Applicants must also demonstrate the inability of their family to otherwise meet the full financial commitments of attending Bridgedale Academy. 


Applicant may also include any other factors, i.e. domestic or social, that indicate the applicant will make a noticeable positive impact on the greater Bridgedale Academy community. The Bridgedale Academy Leadership Award Committee (the “Leadership Award Committee”) reviews all applications for this award.



NOTE: Bridgedale Academy is committed to furthering the educational development of all of its student-athletes, including those with the desire and ability to compete at the collegiate level. NCAA amateurism rules do not allow for an arrangement where an athlete is sponsored by anyone other than someone with whom the individual is naturally or legally dependent (i.e. parent or legal guardian) or an extended family member (e.g. uncle, aunt or cousin). A school may waive a student’s tuition provided the individual qualifies for the waiver under the school’s established waiver policy and athletics ability is not a part of the criteria under such a policy. The Leadership Award, awarded to those who qualify for a waiver under Bridgedale Academy’s established waiver policy, is awarded on a year-by-year basis and so must be applied for prior to each season. Further, applications for this award, and any and all information contained in applications, shall, except for disclosures necessary in the review process, remain confidential.