To say we are overwhelmed at what has happened to the boys in such a short period of time is understatement. Please indulge me as we list some of the positive attributes that have developed in just 7 months:

1. Increased self confidence as individuals. Both are making decisions quicker and more freely for themselves.

2. Character development on and off the ice. Both have strengthened their mental strength to make right decisions in adverse situations and not succumb to peer pressure.

3. Personal responsibility has increased. They are quicker to be aware of what is going on around them and be part of a solution and not being a problem.

4. Increased academically. They both care about their grades and monitor their progress and strived to be their best.

5. Their hockey skills….this can’t even quantified. The growth disparity from when both started to now is immeasurable. It’s mind blowing. Being at Bridgedale has opened many doors for both boys for hockey. Josh has moved up to what I believe as one of the top 2011 goalies in the country. These aren’t actually my words but from coaches. Jacob, what can we say, wow, he is showing some serious skills and looks to be carving out his own path to playing exceptional hockey.

6. Their personal responsibility growth, for their own actions, as a classmate, teammate, student and as an individual has been outstanding.

Both boys love Bridgedale. They never complained about getting up at 5:30 am to go to school. Never complained about school. Rather just the opposite. We are still in shock over it all.