We came to Bridgedale Academy not running from someting, but running to something.

We ran to an Academy that offers: a student-faculty ratio of less than 5-to-1; after-school study hours with a teacher present; extended classroom time in core subjects; and a competitive, disciplined approach on the ice.

We ran to an Academy that focuses on a traditional academic approach.

As a result our son, Ronnie, has been inspired and empowered to push himself both mentally and physically each day while also enjoying himself. He is learning to think critically, discovering daily how to solve problems both on and off the ice.

Ronnie has never played competitive hockey. He played pond hockey growing up, and was enrolled in a few entry-level hockey classes. But mainly he focused on other sports. He arrived at Bridgedale knowing that he’d be skating with arguably some of the best youth players in the Midwest.

Mike McPartlin, Bridgedale’s Headmaster, assured us that there would be a focus on individual skill-based drills. He also assured us that Ronnie would be able to learn and skate at his own pace, and that his peers would embrace him and help him when needed. Ronnie, as a result, is improving every day.

Ronnie’s goal is to make a AA team in the fall.

We ran to Bridgedale for their academics/faculty. We’ve been blown away by the curriculum, and we also feel blessed by their incredible hockey staff.

Thank you, Bridgedale faculty and staff, for everything you do!