As I opened the door to my son’s room (during the recent COVID-19 quarantine), I saw him in front of the computer, focusing intently, and then writing something in his notebook. He was listening to and answering his teacher. I was especially impressed that the boys were even able to break out into small groups online for small-group discussions.

Huge thanks to Bridgedale’s Academic Dean, Headmaster and teachers for going the extra mile. They transitioned to online distance learning (and) it felt as though the children were still attending regular school: same interactive classes, same quizzes, same homework (maybe more).

Thanks also to the athletic trainers. The Bridgedale boys still have live athletic training every day. It gives me confidence that, when this year’s tryouts finally come, my son will be ready.

It takes dedicated teachers, coaches and administrators to do this for the boys. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!