Dress Code

All student-athletes are required to comply with Bridgedale’s Academic and Athletic Dress Codes. The intention is to achieve a proper, business-like appearance for our student-athletes and to free them from fashion trends and peer pressure. Hair is to be neat and clean. The wearing of jewelry is not permitted while in attendance at Bridgedale Academy. Athletic shoes may not be worn at Bridgedale except while engaged in off-ice training sessions.

Academic Dress Code - 5th through 7th Grades

Students in 5th through 7th grades must wear a Bridgedale-logo polo shirt (available in three colors) with black or beige khaki slacks and dress shoes. 

Academic Dress Code - 8th Grade and Older

Students in 8th grade and older grades must wear a Bridgedale-logo dress shirt (two colors are available) with an approved tie, with black or beige khaki slacks and dress shoes. Bridgedale-logo sweaters, vests and/or blazers may be worn over the uniform.

Athletic Training Dress Code - All Grades

For athletic training sessions, students are required to wear Bridgedale Academy jerseys and socks for on-ice sessions, and Bridgedale workout clothing for off-ice sessions. Such items must be purchased through Bridgedale Academy.

New and Used Uniforms Available

We have available a large selection of used school uniforms that were donated back to Bridgedale by former students. Please feel free to contact our administrative office at 630-796-2505 to inquire.

For those preferring to buy new items, we have chosen Lands’ End as our uniform provider. You can order your new uniforms and obtain more information here

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