Hockey Overview for School Year

On-Ice Training: Season Plan – Monthly Planner – Weekly Planner

Season Plan

Improvement in ALL Areas of Fundamental Athletic Development

Trimester One – Physical Fundamentals and Developing Basic Skills Set
Trimester Two – Thinking Fundamentals and Developing Conceptual Skills
Trimester Three – Development of Individual and Team Skills at Speed

Monthly Planner

Emphasis Indicated - All Core Values Continually Maintained

August/September – Fundamentals of Agility, Balance and Coordination for Ice Hockey
October – More A, B, C’s and Add Focus on Overall Athleticism and Basic Skills
November – Development of Power plus Skills at Speed
December – Conceptual Development for Individual Play
January – Conceptual Development for Team Play
February – Conceptual Understanding of Team Systems
March – Putting it All Together at the Highest Level Possible
April and May – Back to Fundamentals, Individual Skills and Strength

Weekly Planner

On-Ice Example Only

Early September Week

Monday – Agility, Balance, Coordination, Edge Control and Leg Power
Tuesday – Hand Skills (Puckhandling, Passing and Shooting)
Wednesday – Skating for Power, Lateral Movement and Conditioning
Thursday – Small Area Games (Putting it all together)
Friday – No Formal Athletic Training - Optional "Pond Hockey" Session