Philosophy of Bridgedale


By combining our academics and athletics into a unified curriculum, Bridgedale Academy fosters the virtues of self-reliance, discipline and integrity in our student-athletes, secure in the knowledge that these qualities are the foundation of a good life. All our student-athletes learn skills and habits that will enhance and develop these qualities.


Bridgedale adheres philosophically to the notion that each and every child has a great potential for achievement, with the firm belief that, for this potential to be realized, it must be both nurtured and allowed to blossom. All our student-athletes are encouraged and given the opportunity to grow and realize their full potential, academically, athletically and as a person.


Bridgedale adheres to the philosophy that leadership skills are both developed and earned. Drive, determination, responsibility, respect, self-confidence, mental toughness, trust and conscientiousness are all qualities that define great leaders. All our student-athletes are challenged to develop these qualities to their fullest and to believe in themselves as leaders.


Bridgedale also adheres philosophically to the notion that our nation was founded on principles that are eternal, beautiful and true, and that the gifts of freedom and equality through self-government we have enjoyed in our lives are worth understanding and defending. All our student-athletes develop a fuller understanding of what it means to be an American.