Sample Daily Class Schedule


A typical school day at Bridgedale Academy using our classical school curriculum includes classes in Science, Math, History, Literature, English Language Arts, Informal Logic and Intro to Entrepreneurialism.

In addition, our student-athletes have a nearly three-hour block of time set aside each day for their athletic training. This includes a pre-ice warmup, a 70-minute on-ice session and 45-minute off-ice session. 

Our athletic curriculum (see Athletic Development Curriculum) focuses on skill development, specifically a hockey-specific skills set, but also focuses on developing the overall athleticism of our student-athletes, so very important to a developing athlete between the ages of 10-15, and also includes strength, core and agility training.

You can access our Sample Daily Class Schedules for the 2020-21 school year for each grade by clicking the below links:

Click to View 5th Grade Sample Schedule
Click to View 6th Grade Sample Schedule
Click to View Seventh Grade Sample Schedule
Click to View 8th Grade Sample Schedule