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What We Provide

Bridgedale Academy provides its student-athletes with serious, high-quality training on a daily basis. Each day’s training regimen includes a 70-minute on-ice training session, and a 40-minute off-ice training session.

This training regimen is rigorous by design, intended to challenge our student-athletes not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. We consciously seek to develop in our student-athletes the determination and mental toughness to overcome any obstacle, the grit that gives them a competitive advantage.

Our athletic development model comports with USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM), as well as with the precepts of its Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) program, and is based on proven, science-based training concepts.

Athletic Philosophy

Bridgedale’s Athletic philosophy is based on a belief in the potential of individuals and grounded in the virtues that lead to achievement.

We seek to instill in all our student-athletes those qualities that define all great competitors:

Mental Toughness
Athletic Staff

Our coaches bring an incredible passion for teaching. We challenge our student-athletes to:

  • Get Outside of their Comfort Zones; and 
  • Believe in Themselves. 

We look to instill the Intangibles: 

  • Discipline and Mental Toughness, 
  • The Willingness to Fight through Adversity, 

Our student-athletes come to KNOW they will prevail over all obstacles in their way: this ultimately is even more important than skills or talent.

Our Mantra: Training Elite Student-Athletes

We set the bar high, and we take tremendous pride knowing that we WILL have a huge positive impact on the development of all our student-athletes.

Goodman Elite Training
Bridgedale’s off-ice curriculum is designed and overseen by Chicago Blackhawks Strength and Conditioning Head Coach Paul Goodman and his training company, Goodman Elite Training (GET).

Hockey Overview for School Year

On-Ice Training: Season Plan – Monthly Planner – Weekly Planner

Season Plan

Improvement in ALL Areas of Fundamental Athletic Development

Trimester One

— Physical Fundamentals and Developing Basic Skills Set

Trimester Two

— Thinking Fundamentals and Developing Conceptual Skills

Trimester Three

— Development of Individual and Team Skills at Speed

Monthly Planner

Emphasis Indicated – All Core Values Continually Maintained


— Fundamentals of Agility, Balance and Coordination for Ice Hockey


— More A, B, C’s and Add Focus on Overall Athleticism and Basic Skills


— Development of Power plus Skills at Speed


— Conceptual Development for Individual Play


— Conceptual Development for Team Play


— Conceptual Understanding of Team Systems


— Putting it All Together at the Highest Level Possible

April and May

— Back to Fundamentals, Individual Skills and Strength

Weekly Planner

Early September Week


— Agility, Balance, Coordination, Edge Control and Leg Power


— Hand Skills (Puckhandling, Passing and Shooting)


— Skating for Power, Lateral Movement and Conditioning


— Small Area Games (Putting it all together)


— No Formal Athletic Training – Optional “Pond Hockey” Session

Nutrition and Athletic Performance

During the last two decades, the science surrounding the proper development of athletes has been undergoing explosive growth and progress. In particular, the concepts of periodization of training and the importance of recovery and nutrition have recently taken center stage. These are core elements of both the ADM and the LTAD and at Bridgedale we utilize the most up-to-date methods to ensure maximum development of our athletes.

Bridgedale Academy Hockey Player Students

Bridgedale Partners with Benedictine University

During the 2016-17 school year, Bridgedale partnered with Benedictine University’s graduate program in Nutrition and Wellness for a research study on the effects of nutrition on the athletic performance of our student-athletes.

During the course of the research study, BenU graduate students, all candidates for their Masters Degrees, investigated “the link between sports nutrition knowledge and diet, health and performance in middle school hockey players at Bridgedale Academy.” This study was performed between January and May of 2017, with the students presenting their Masters Degree theses in December, 2017.

The Bridgedale-Benedictine partnership helped BenU’s grad students earn their Master Degree theses, and helped Bridgedale’s student-athletes learn first-hand how important proper nutrition is.


Ductu per Agone


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